Sunday 12 May 2024

Grass Snakes

 On a hot and sunny 2nd May I heard a rustling in the grass and saw a boiling mass of snakes. On closer inspection it turned out to be three Grass Snakes. One was an obvious female (large), one an obvious male (small) but the third was an inbetweener although I assume must also be a (large) male.

At times they made was I thought were hissing noises (audible in the videos) but I have been told this sound comes from their scales rubbing rather than their mouths.

Here are far too many photos and a couple of videos.

three Grass Snakes (buorm). A large female closest, s small more brightly coloured male behind and a third one which I assume is also a male

getting all tied up

the female in focus

the males in focus. The one on the left being smaller and more brightly coloured

notice the tail sticking up with another animals tail wrapped around it

the female with the larger male

the smaller male left the melee and posed nicely for a photo before disappearing into a hole

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