Sunday 26 May 2024

Awaiting thunder and rain

I write this on Sunday afternoon whilst looking at the weather forecast for the next 24 hours feeling certain than something exciting has to turn up. Southerly winds, rain and thunder at the end of May could not be a more promising scenario. Now I just need to wait and see if the bird gods agree with me.

I have good news to reports from Maridalen with there now being 2 Lapwings on nests so it looks like BOTH the pairs that failed at the first attempt have relaid. Interestingly they are both on the same, new field and the nests are roughly the same distance apart as previously. Incubation is 26 days so there is still a long time to wait to see if they succeed. I have also not sighted the 4 young again although I am sure they are just in long grass.

Today in temperatures of 25C there was excitement with my first Honey Buzzard, Oslo #181, of the year which sky danced over me before circling for a long time. I am not entirely sure but it could well be last years breeding male. Hopefully there will be a lot more sightings and a nest discovery in the coming weeks.

The Hobby pair were also making a lot of noise at a new site. Time will tell if this is their chosen nest site for this year (I couldn’t see any old Crows nests) or just part of their pre nesting routine.

A nocturnal outing to Maridalen last night was again quite uneventful with NO warblers (yet) but a very distant Nightjar and a roadside Moose sort of saved the night. It must also be said that without Jr’s good ears and eyes that I would not have had these either.

male Honey Buzzard (vepsevåk)

Hobby (lerkefalk). Judging by its behaviour I believe this was the male

and this the female

Lapwing (vipe) new nest #2

looking at the graph it looks inevitable that I will hit 200....

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