Saturday, 1 April 2023

Fornebu's last breeding Ringed Plovers?

Fornebu stopped being an airport in 1998 and it was always planned that the land would be used for housing but the “development” has thankfully taken a long time although things have sped up recently and the last areas of derelict land are now being prepared for building work. Fornebu will never be as good for birds as it used to be and the nature reserves are not large enough or well enough protected from disturbance to have much of an effect.

Ringed and Little Ringed Plovers thrived on the derelict ground with a number of pairs of both species. Ringed Plovers have already returned but it will be a month before the first Little Ringed return. There is perhaps still enough stony ground for some to try to breed this year but whether they will be successfully is another matter. Yesterday I found 4 Ringed Plovers loafing around on what was a car park but which will soon be built upon. I was able to enjoy them at very close range and mull over the thought that this may be my last opportunity to do so.

Ringed Plover (sandlo), a female if I am not mistaken

there is still so much snow that there will not be a breeding attempt until it has melted which may take a couple of weeks

well marked male (left) and female

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