Thursday, 23 June 2022

Summer holiday episode 1- Nightjars

Nightjar (nattravn)

As usual our summer holiday has started with a few days at the cabin we are so lucky to be able to borrow just south of Oslo. I would normally be butterflying here and commenting on the large number of species I have seen but this year despite it being sunny there have been very few species (in stark contrast to Oslo). In fact I have only seen 11 species plus a couple of interesting moths. I have no good reason for the lack of butterflies but hopefully it is just timing.

The only specific birding I have done is to look for the Nightjars we found last year. They have moved 500m from last year but er had 4 birds flying together that very memorably flew right over our heads. Activity started very late (23:25) so my plans of great photos will have to wait for another occasion.

This video is taken with the tripod mounted bazooka

This video was taken by Jr on her phone

Habitat shot at 22:48


  1. Tell junior well done. Might inspire me to use my phone more!!

    1. Jr has made her own (and much better) version of the video