Thursday, 22 July 2021

Summer holiday stage 4

We have retuned to Beitostølen for another week. It is glorious weather here but far cooler than in Oslo.

I am far more in relaxation mode and have hardly even thought of raising my binoculars although butterflies are still gaining my attention. There are so many blossoming wild flowers here that butterflies can be encountered anywhere. Most of the species I saw 2-3 weeks ago are still present although in smaller numbers and looking worn and a few new species are also on the wing.

I have made one specific trip to look for Alpine Argus (fjellblåvinge) which was succesful and is yet another new species for me (my 59th in Norway). Despite it being warm, sunny and windless they were  not in flying mode but I saw 4 individuals in the end. I have also seen a number of Mountain Fritillarys (fjellperlemorvinge) although telling them apart from Cranberry Fritillarys (myrperlemorvinge) that fly alongside them is a challenge. Silver-spotted Skippers have proven to be common and I now have the good pictures that evaded me last time. 

A red moon
Cranberry Fritillary (myrperlemorvinge)

Mountain Fritillary (fjellperlemorvinge

Alpine Argus (fjellblåvinge)

A female Scarce Copper (oransjegullvinge) and a male Purple-edge Copper (purpurgullvinge)

Underwing of Mountain Fritillary

Alpine Argus

Silver-spotted Skipper (kommasmygger)

Alpine Argus

And a male Scarce Copper

Redshank (rødstilk)

Young Redshank

Temminck’s Stint

Golden Eagle (komgeørn) with escort of angry Hooded Crow (kråke) and Kestrel (tårnfalk)

Goosander (laksand) family

And a video of a juvenile Bluethroat (blåstrupe) taken with my phone

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