Sunday 16 June 2024

Nesting raptors

In my last post I wrote that I felt I must have found the Hobby nest – well today I am less sure. Per Christian and I joined forces to try to locate it once and for all but left just as confused as before. We located four different old Hooded Crows nests in a very small area without seeing any bird on any of the nests. Then we heard the male calling and he appeared overhead with prey in his talons. The female then called and flew out of the trees towards him. There was lots of calling but we couldn’t exactly what happened but there was clearly a food pass. The male then sat openly calling whilst the female must have been more hidden whilst presumably eating the prey item brought to her. The male kept calling and flew around a bit before the female then flew out of a tree and calling and disappeared amongst the trees. During all this time we had been keeping an eye on the old crows nests but did not see the female coming or going to any of them. So, either we are not observant enough or else there is a 5th nest that we have yet to find.

this is the old Hooded Crows nest that I felt certain was being used by the Hobbies but I am now less certain

here, what I think is the male, was perched in the next door tree

A check of the Honey Buzzard nest from last year revealed fresh green branches on it although in nearly 4 hours of watching the nest and skies about I failed to see a bird. So here I have found the nest but not seen the birds…. I do not know whether adding of new material of nest means that there has to be a pair of if just a single adult will add material whilst waiting for their mate to return but this does give high hopes for yet another chance to follow a breeding pair.

a branch with fresh green leaves can be seen on the right hand side of the nest. It is possible that a bird could have been on the nest unseen to me but I think observed the nest long enough that I would have seen some movement

Even though I failed to see any Honey Buzzards I did have good views of a female Three-toed Woodpecker whilst waiting.

female Three-toed Woodpecker

here it has got hold of a larve

and here it is swallowing it

The Great Northern Divers remains and has now been frequenting the northern end of the lake in the last few days.

the Great Northern Diver (islom) is always close to the shore

 There are now two Common Rosefinches in Maridalen, both brown, 2cy males and both seemingly unpaired.

2cy male Common Rosefinch (rosenfink)

The Lapwings are now disappearing in the high vegetation and yesterday I saw none but today the male of the family was clearly keeping guard so I assume there are still some young although I have no idea whether there is still a bird sitting on a nest.

A new Marsh Warbler reminded me that “night singers” can still turn up but I really don’t think I am motivated for any more nocturnal trips.

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