Sunday 21 April 2024

Black Red

After my heard only, and a very early, Tree Pipit on Friday it was satisfying to hear another one in Maridalen yesterday and then locate it and also manage some more than adequate “record shots”. I did not find my predicted Willow Warbler although Halvard did and that will grace the record books as Maridalen’s earliest ever. I did add to my Oslo year list though with Black Redstart being #138. This was a twitch involving a 20 minute drive from Maridalen to the dump in Alna where Stig had reported a male. In my mind it was going to be a glorious adult male so I was a tad disappointed to get there and see it was a dowdy 1st summer male. Still, it was great to hear it singing and it is a good species to get on the list so early.

My predictions for this week are to add Willow Warbler, Wryneck and Red Kite (it never leaves my mind) to my Oslo 2024 list.

1st summer Black Redstart (svartrødstjert)

Tree Pipit (trepiplerke)

I wonder if it has stood in snow before

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