Thursday 29 February 2024


When guiding a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a surburban Rook. This less than annual species in Oslo has attracted a bit of attention since then and has been added to a few Norway/Oslo/year lists since then. Despite its propensity to sit in tall trees and call a lot I have failed to see it again despite regularly driving through the area which is where Jr Jr’s school is. Today though I had to pick her up and made sure I got there a bit early so I could scan for it and this time I relocated it right by her school!

It was raining a lot (and is forecast to do so for a number of days) and I was not inclined to get out of the car but was able to get a few shots from within the car. I always feel very uncomfortable using the camera by a school but no one called the police on meūüėČ

I had been unsure as to the age of the bird previously but its darkish (although not black) bill surely makes it a 1st winter.

The coming rain will cause lots of melting and floods so fields around Oslo will soon be suitable for migrants although predominantly northerly winds from Sunday onwards will unlikely lead to a big rush.

Rook (kornkråke)

with a Hooded Crow (kråke)

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