Thursday, 23 May 2013


As forecast it rained all day yesterday so I used that as an opportunity to get stuff done in the house. Others who were out and about though had some birds with reports of possible Greenish Warbler (østsanger) in Maridalen and ringtail Montagu's Harrier (enghauk) near Gardermoen reaching my ears.
I had a quick look at Maridalen and all of yesterdays swans (2 single Whooper and 5 Mute) were still present with an additional pair of Whooper Swans new in. I hope that these aren't the breeding pair which would indicate that they have failed. I could imagine that with all the rain their nest has been flooded. I will have to go and check soon.

In the evening I took advantage of a forecast break in the rain to check out Årungen and Østensjøvann lakes. A Kingfisher was reported from Årungen yesterday but while I was there I saw no sign of it but it was still raining heavily which wouldn't have helped. Over 300 Swallows (låvesvale) were feeding low over the water in the rain but five Common Terns (makrellterne) found it more sensible to sit and wait it out.

After 10pm I did have have some nocturnal action with a singing Corncrake (åkerrikse), two Marsh Warblers (myrsanger) including one singing from exactly the same bush I had a Hawk Owl in a few months ago.

Coming home I tried Maridalen but there were no nocturnal singers here yet. It is not normally until the first week of June that Maridalen receives its influx.

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