Saturday, 28 March 2015


Saturday as usual was a day of incidental birding. After a trip to the library I persuaded Jr Jr to go for a walk through Frognerpark. On the way we walked past a large muddle of melt water where a group of Feral Pigeons were bathing in the sunshine and gave some good photo ops with the small lens I had in my back pack. Back home a Wood Pigeon (ringdue) posed well hence today being a pigeon day.

I did go out for some real birding though today after a Tundra Bean Goose (tundrasædgås) was reported on the same fields as the W-f Goose (tundragås) at Bygdøy. There was only one person reporting this species whereas everyone else was seeing just the W-f Goose and although I sensed a wild goose chase this was too important an Oslo species to ignore. When I got there there were others looking in vain for the Bean although the White-front was showing well. The fact it was a wild goose chase was confirmed in the evening when as if by magic the report of the tundrasæadgås metamorphosised into a tundragås. C'est la vie.

Feral pigeons

Wood Pigeon

a goose from the Tundra wondering what it should do with all this snow

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