Monday, 30 March 2015

Black-headed Gulls

 Some more pictures of the Black-headed Gulls (hettemåke) at Frognerparken last week.

here we can see that Brown-headed Gull would be a more suitable name

Two rose tinted birds:

Ringed birds (all got their rings in or close to Oslo):

J0N7 - spends the winters in Bergen and the summers in Oslo

J115 - only ever recorded in the Oslo area

J5Y3 - seen in Calais, France in July 2014

I also had two other ringed birds one of which J4UK was fittingly seen in Yorkshire in January of this year.

A visit the next day (27 March) resulted some more ringed birds:

A bird with only a metal ring but blue paint on its other leg was evidence that it had also at one time had a colour ring - would be interesting to know how the blue colour rubbed off and what happened to the colour ring,

Green J116 i.e the next in the sequence to the bird above and likewise has only ever been recorded from the Oslo area

J4CT was apparently ringed as an adult in Frognerparken in April 1997 making it at least 20 years old. Funnily though the next sighting of it wasn't until March 2012 again in Frognerpark so I wonder if the data entered for date of ringing is correct? This bird was seen in October 2012 and October 2013 in Holland 830 km away.

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  1. The ringing date for J4CT is right. They caught a lot of adult black headed gull in Frognerparken back then.
    Readings of this rings are fare between.
    This bird is a great example of how much more we got out of the more visible plastic rings, than hundreds of metal only birds.

    The bird with just a metal ring, 61745nn, is probably also a Oslo ringed bird. I can only find one with colouring (a white one) so I presume the blue paint is just paint.