Sunday, 1 March 2015


I have spent an unhealthy amount of time this weekend typing Google searches along the lines of “ptarmigan feet” and “willow grouse head” and all this in a vain attempt to dispel the outrageously preposterous suggestions that the Oslo grouse was a Ptarmigan. It was therefore quite a relief when the weight of evidence put forward by Bjørn Olav became too heavy to ignore and I could move on to more important things like my family for instance….I have now come to terms with the birds true identity but surely though these grouse are just like redpolls and crossbills and merely clinal extremes of the same species ;-)

 After taking the family swimming I shot around Maridalen and saw few birds but 5 Moose running at full speed through fields close to the feeding station. Obviously something had scared the sh*t out of them. Amongst the animals were the mother and very small youngster that I have seen before. The youngster is so small that it is perhaps a dwarf rather than a late born individual.
mummy moose

baby moose

the family moose

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