Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday sun

Spring does seem to be here now with plus temperatures and loads of birds singing. From the house I can hear singing Blackbird (svarttrost), Robin (rødstrupe), Siskin (grønnsisik), Blue Tit (blåmeis) and Great Tit (kjøttmeis). There is still snow on the ground but in the town it is melting and at the Botanical Gardens the snow has pretty much gone. I had hoped to find more signs of spring here but my first Chaffinch (bokfink) of the year was the only new bird although it was nice to hear the Hawfinches (kjernebiter) singing.

Amongst the Tree (pilfink) and House Sparrows (gråspurv) I had a hybrid between these two species. This is the first time I have seen an example of this not too rare pairing but unfortunately I did not manage a photo before it flew to another area of the gardens.
I also visited Frongerpark hoping that the Iceland Gull (grønnlandsmåke) of the last two springs may have returned but it hasn't, yet.......
A single Waxwing (sidensvans) in the Botanical Gardens was the days photographic highlight.


my first Chaffinch of the year
It isn't just gulls that carry bling in Oslo. I hope this male House Sparrow appreciates how important he is for science (or at least some students degree.....)

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