Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Currently back in Sussex, England. Spring hasn't arrived here yet with overnight frosts and daytime temperatures under 5C but there is still a lot more life here than at home. Dunnocks and Starlings singing in the garden have yet to make it Oslo, likewise Buzzard which were circling over the house. A couple of Long-tailed Tits also reminded me how much more of a garden bird they are in the UK compared to Norway.

Back around Oslo a couple of the long staying Hawk Owls have turned up again after weeks of absence (or could it just be birds passsing through that have recognised the attractiveness of the areas?). Either way the chances of birds summering and breeding close to Oslo must be high. There are still very few signs of migration with only a handful of migrants being recorded but a few records of Red Kites is a good sign - it would be great to have one in Maridalen again.

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