Saturday, 16 March 2013


A good 15cm of fresh snow is now covering the icy footpaths creating a false sense of security but the snow is so dry and powdery that it just slides on top of the ice making for very dangerous conditions. There was a bit more action at the feeders in the garden with the three Blackbirds (svarttrost) and Fieldfare (gråtrost) back looking for food after having been absent recently. The Stock Dove (skogdue) is still in the area and is keeping very close company with a Wood Pigeon (ringdue). If these two have romantic intentions towards each other it will be interesting to see how they proceed given the Stock Doves nest in holes and Wood Pigeons build a flimsy nest in a tree.

A walk in town around Majorstua and Frognerpark revealed good numbers of gulls coming to bread but no sign of the Iceland Gull (grønlandsmåke). A very pale Herring Gull (gråmåke) was likely the same bird I had over a week ago but this time it came very close and allowed me to take pictures with my phone as I had no proper camera with me. This bird is definitely within the variation that some consider to be due to hybridisation with Glaucous Gull (polarmåke) although I am not entirekly sure. In addition to this pale bird there was also a dark bird which had almost solidy dark mantle and scapular feathers and could invite thoughts of having originated State side.

The underside of the wings were very pale and in flight it could have been mistaken for the Iceland Gull at a quick glance

The overall paleness of the bird is also visible on the upperside

Due to the poor quality of the photo the pale edges to the primaries is not as noticeable as they were in real life.
a very poor photo of the dark backed individual

Oslo Birder jr. getting close and personal with a male Mallard

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