Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I made another attempt today to find and photograph the flock of Twite (bergirisk) that has overwintered at Fornebu. Yet again I failed to even find the flock which others seem to find every time they visit!
Still very little activity due to the cold weather but Oystercatchers (tjeld) continue to arrive with nine in total. 

Best birds were two female Long-tailed Ducks off Fürst Brygge which are most likely the same birds that have wintered closer to Oslo. Also here a Common Seal (steinkobbe) spent some time on the surface.

Two Long-tailed Ducks (havelle) with two Eiders (ærfugl) behind

Common Seal (steinkobbe) having a look around

I popped into Frognerpark and failed to see either Tawny Owl (kattugle) or Iceland Gull (grønlandsmåke). The gull has most likely moved on but the owl which used to be so easy to see has become very elusive of late. A Stock Dove (skogdue) drinking from the lake was only my 4th or 5th Oslo record and encouraged me to see the Collared Doves (tyrkerdue) at Marienlyst on the way home which along with Woodpigeons (ringdue) in the garden and feral pigeons (bydue) gave me four species of pigeon/dove on the same day which could very well be the first time I have achieved this significant (!) milestone in Norway.

You will see from my pictures today that the light was very bright and challenging. Sharp shadows appear everywhere and white colours easily get burnt out.
Stock Dove (skogdue) - an unexpected sighting in Forgnerparken
Collared Dove (tyrkerdue)
Today's picture of a gull. This time a 4th winter Herring Gull (gråmåke) to complete the age sequence I showed a few days ago. Although it looks very adult like, note the brown spots in the tertials, brown tinge to the lesser coverts (foremost feathers on the folded wing), incomplete white tips to the black primaries and a dark smudge towards the tip of the bill.

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  1. Had to chuckle about your doves do they not get turtle doves here ? If they do I have not seen one but then I have never seen a seal in oslo fjord either. Green eyes reading this. Great stuff mitch