Monday, 18 March 2013

Bird, what bird?

It felt like a bird free day today and there are definitely no new signs of spring. I couldn't locate the Hawk Owl at Hellesjøvannet and tried to find a Tengmalm's (perleugle) in daylight and also failed here. The Tengmalm's I tried was the one I took a picture of a couple of weeks ago. I read at the weekend that males sing by a nest hole they have found to try to attract a female and given that the bird I photographed was singing so strongly close to the road I thought there would be a good chance of finding the hole. However there were very few large trees in the area and I could seen none with woodpecker holes or nest boxes. Maybe the hole is elsewhere and this bird had just been marking out his territory?
Winds are turning to the north east for the rest of the week and temperatures will stay below zero. The only upside to this is that when spring does come it may do so with a bang with large numbers of birds concentrated where there is snow free ground and open water.
This Crested Tit peered at me when I had a quick stop in Maridalen

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