Friday, 8 April 2016

Steller's Eider

Not often that I write two posts on the same day but after finishing my earlier post I come over all weird and had a strange twitchy feeling that I can’t remember having had for decades. I willed Mrs OsloBirder to get home from work and at 1745 I was in the car. Leaving a bit later meant I missed the worst of the afternoon traffic but I still felt that everyone else was driving far too quickly. But I still managed to get there quicker than the GPS predicted ;-)

Three others including Messrs Gullberg and Zakariassen were already staking out the bird but it wasn’t a difficult one to pick out. It was with a handful of Common Eider less than 100m offshore and it looked like they wanted to come close into shore presumably to feed on mussels so I would imagine that there are some very good photo opportunities waiting to be had if the bird hangs around and the weather brightens up. But what a bird. OK, I’ve seen them before in Varanger in large flocks, in great light and in amazing landscapes but an adult male a stones throw from Oslo Centre was not something I was expecting.

It gave me another opportunity to put the new camera through its paces but that jury is still out....
taken with 65x optical zoom uncropped

65x optical zoom and cropped slightly

uncropped using digital zoom (not sure what is was but over 100x)

65x optical zoom uncropped
The still pictures might need some perfecting but the video seems to be very good

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