Friday, 29 January 2016

Tor disappoints

Well, that was four hours of my life that I will never get back…. And what did I learn? That Tor has no really pulling power with the birds.

The hurricane hitting Norway has been given the name Tor and for four hours I waited to see what he would bring. My wait began at 10am before the winds had really picked up and all I had was a few Common Gulls feeding over the water. After 11am the winds started building up but there were still no birds, not even a single auk. Then at 11:25 came a Fulmar heading north, at 12:24 an adult Gannet headed north (very fast) and at 13:23 a Kittiwake flashed by heading north – so every 59 minutes there was a bird of note! Between these sightings there was hardly a single other bird to see although I did end up with three Guillemots and after the first Kittiwake there were two more before I called it a day at 2pm.

A mixed tit flock in the trees behind me nearly contained more birds than I saw on the sea…..
the sea at Krokstrand at 10:34 - quite calm and no birds
and again at 11:48 when there were a few white tops to the waves but still no birds


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