Sunday, 10 January 2016

Enforced garden birding

This weekend I've spent a bit of time looking at the feeders in the garden and it looks like I've managed to attract back the majority of the sparrow flock after their enforced xmas vacation. Yesterday there were 18 Tree and at least 30 House Sparrows visiting the feeder. Other birds though remain in short supply with just 3 Blue Tits, a couple of Great Tits, 4 or 5 Siskin, 2 Greenfinch, single Redpoll and Robin, 3 Blackbirds and a Fieldfare plus 2 Magpies.

Of the three Blackbirds the most dominant bird is a 1st winter male who rules the roost over 2 adult males who try to come into the garden as well  as the larger Fieldfare. I noticed this also last year that young birds could dominate over adults which seems a bit odd.

As I write this on Sunday morning temperatures are a bit warmer at only -7C but it is quite windy and with snow in the air is not a day for being outside so it'll be  a day for further ornithological studies of garden birds from the kitchen window with coffee in hand ;-)

I've finally got round to editing a video of the Whooper Swans from Fornebu last week:

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