Sunday, 31 January 2016

In the papers

My sightings and photos of the White-beaked Dolphin (kvitnos) attracted the attention of the local newspaper who printed this article that also talks very nicely about your truly.
the article

I took the family down to Drøbak today and we saw Flipper although again he was not in a playful mood so our views were limited to him surfacing but it was nice to share this wonderful creature. There were quite a few people with big lenses down there including a couple out on a boat but it looked like it was very difficult for them to take pictures as he was quite close to the boar and without knowing exactly where he would surface it is very difficult to react in time and get the camera on him before he dives again. It will be interesting to see though if any pictures from today surface on the web.
photographing the dolphin from the boat. As you see the photographers haven't raised their cameras to their eyes as I don't think they were able to react quickly enough when the dolphin breached just metres from them

blowing off some steam

a gorgeous photo taken by oldest daughter

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