Friday, 2 March 2012


The fine spring weather continues although there are still frosts at night which causes everything to freeze over again and then melt during the day. I thought today would be a good time for my first visit of the year to Årnestangen.
Water levels were low although there was still a lot of ice and the exposed mudflats looked to be frozen so it is still clearly a bit early but for each day that passes there should be more and more birds.
Huge mud flats are exposed at Årnestangen. If it stays like this into May then there will be thousands of ducks and waders here
I had three year ticks in the form of single Lapwing and Lesser Black-backed Gull and a couple of Snow Buntings heard flying over.
There were over 200 Whooper Swans and 100 Mute Swans spread out with the Whooper's giving a fine musical backdrop to the day. Three overflying Skylarks and six Starlings which were already singing were welcome and a pair of displaying Marsh Tits allowed mw to hear the male singing which is not something that I hear often.
Only small numbers of Mallards and Goldeneyes with just a single Teal and 4 Goosander but numbers will soon start building up.
The only raptor was a female Sparrowhawk which was a bit disappointing as I had been hoping for White-tailed Eagle.

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