Thursday, 1 April 2010

Willy wagtails

An afternoon walk along Akerselva which runs through Oslo from Maridalen to the fjord added 2 species to my year list and had enough of interest to make for a thoroughly enjoyable walk.
The 2 year ticks were Grey and White Wagtail both of which were flying in a northerly direction up river. A pair of displaying and singing Dippers were interesting to watch with the male trying very hard to woe his mate with much wing shaking and bobbing up and down. Amongst the Mallards were 3 Goldeneye with a displaying male and a gorgeous male Goosander. Chaffinches were evident in the riverside trees and Nuthatches were calling in a couple of places.
Highlight though was thanks to the wifes eagle eyes; a pair of Buzzards circling above us and then a further single flying purposely north a little later. For me there is nothing better than seeing raptors migrating.
We have had a few days of heavy rain and tomorrow is forecast to also be wet but with sun on Saturday. Surely Saturday will see some impressive viz mig as the birds that have been held up by the rain make a mad dash north.

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