Monday, 19 April 2010

Is it a bird.....?

No it's a plane.

A morning birding trip to Årnestangen wasn't particularly exciting on the birding front but the sight (and sound) of 2 light planes was something different in these days. The fly ban over Norway was lifted this morning so I guess some pilots just couldn't wait to get some air time before a new ban is imposed.

The water level is low and most of the ice has gone exposing huge areas of mudflats but it is still too cold for any large numbers of waders. Therefore 7 Curlew and a couple of Oystercatcher were the only waders of interest and a couple of Ospreys and Cranes flying over the only other birds of note. One of the Ospreys was calling presumeably to attract a mate but was still flying alone when I left.

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