Saturday, 24 April 2010


No birds and no rain. The weather is really not the best for birds at the moment although the majority of people would probably be very happy with how it is. We are still having frosts at night but we haven't had any real rain since easter and it is very dry underfoot. We went to Fornebu today and decided to grill some sausages. Only problem was I didn't place the bbq very cleverly and suddenly I had to deal with a little bush fire! As for birds today a single male Ring Ouzel was nice to see as I had given up on seeing this around Olso this year.
At home the first daffodills are just coming out in the garden and tulips will also be out soon. We have pairs of both Blue and Great Tits interested in the only nesting box I had up so I have put another one up and maybe both will nest in the garden this year.
Monday promises southerly winds and some rain - maybe that will bring some new birds.

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