Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Patience required

Even though there is snow everywhere and overnight frosts I can’t wait for spring migration to start so I took a trip to Aurskog-Høland today. I was expecting snow covered fields but thought there might be some areas of bare earth where I could find a few birds (this time last year there was lots of life there). Well I shouldn’t have bothered – there was so much snow that it will probably be a couple of weeks until the thaw starts but with so much snow there is likely to be extensive flooding on the fields which will attract lots of birds.

I also checked out Årnestangen but apart from a few Whooper Swans there was nothing to see and I just need to calm myself down a bit and accept that this year will be a far later spring than the last two years.
No bird pictures today so I'll just set the scene.
these fields had already held Bean Geese by this time last year.

and here there were Whooper Swans and Cranes

looking out over Snekkervika towards Årnestangen - will be a while before there are any waterfowl here

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