Friday, 30 January 2015

Failing again

I teamed up with Rune Z and later with Andreas Gulberg to try to find the White-billed Diver (gulnebblom) that is wintering on the huge lake, Mjøsa north in Akershus. Despite very good viewing conditions we failed to locate it and also an attempt at Akershus’s only stake out for Siberian Jay (lavskrike) failed when we started having to wade through crotch high snow. Today probably goes down as the least productive day’s birding I ever had in company with Zak.

The only highlight was a good concentration of waterfowl on the Vorma river by the Eidsvoll which included a 1st winter male Scaup (bergand) amongst 80 Tufted Ducks (toppand) and over 100 Whooper Swans (sangsvane). A flyby Capercaille (storfugl) at 100km/h on the motorway was a good bird but hardly a satisfying experience,

the 1st winter male Scaup. It has already moulted its head feathers and lacks the white around the bill of a juvenile but is still moulting it back and flank feathers

the Scaup (bottom left) with Tufted Ducks

a good congregation of Whooper Swans
The motorway bridge over Mjøsa by Minnesund is used as a roosting site by large numbers of Cormorants

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