Saturday, 10 January 2015

Israel VI

The increasingly irregular series of pictures from the Israel trip still has some life in it. I've still to present my passerine pictures and begin with some Middle Eastern species and a couple of non -bird shots.

Blackstart (svartstjert) is a relatively common bird in arid areas in Southern Israel

Yellow-vented Bulbul or White-Spectacled Bulbul (araberbylbyl) as it seems to be called now - easily ignored but actually quite smart

Laughing Dove (llamdue)

Palestine Sunbird (palestinasolfugl) - glad to see that the birding community hasn't felt it necessary to choose a new and politically neutral name for this species. Maybe the Palestinians can use this alongside their membership of various International Bodies to convince the occupiers that they are a separate nation?

Nubian Ibex

ant sp.

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