Monday, 12 January 2015


I made an honest attempt to find the Caspian Gull today first at its original site and then at various gull friendly localities in Oslo but to no avail and with no other unusual gulls to find either. The day’s birding was very quiet in all respects with only three herons in Frognerparken livening things up. I only remember seeing them using the lake and the stream here in the last couple of years and three birds suggests they have really taken a liking to it and that there is a good supply of fish. One of the birds was a very fine adult whereas the other two were immature birds.

In the garden the Blackbirds have realised that they cannot waste energy chasing each other off and four were feeding peacefully side-by-side in the afternoon.

adult Grey Heron. I took this picture with a shutter speed of 1/5second resting the lens on my knee. I was trying to get a blurred background from the moving water and only partially succeeded. I tried at lower shutter speeds but the n the bird also became blurred

here at 1/15 second shutter speed and the water is far less blurred

one of the two other Herons. This is in immature plumage and is I believe a 2cy rather than a 3cy.

still four Hawfinches (kjernebiter)  in the Botanical Gardens although no 2BCs

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