Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The yoyo weather continues and temperatures were above zero today and with drizzle all day the pavements have become treacherous and led me into a purchase I never thought I would make namely some spikes for my shoes (a definite sign of age).

I did venture out in the morning to see if I could locate the Caspian Gull which has not been reliable for the last week or so. I failed but others seemingly didn’t as it was reported mugged in Frognerparken at lunchtime and now is the proud (but surely embarrassed) wearer of bling. Will make it easier to find, I guess…..

Despite the nasty and most definitely non spring like weather a male Great Tit (kjøttmeis) was heartily singing in the garden and a pair of Blue Tits were inspecting a nest box although I don’t fancy their chances very much over the Great Tits in securing occupancy.

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