Thursday, 16 January 2014

Copy paste

With even more snow falling today my game plan was similar to the last few days, i.e a whistle stop tour of a few sites in Oslo and then some time in front of the computer. Maridalen had a flock of 30 Yellowhammers but not too much else. At Østensjøvannet the male Pintail has gone (died?) but a female Wigeon (brunnakke) has taken its place amongst the 200 or so Mallards which are entirely dependent on bread to survive which can’t be too healthy over an extended period of time. The Wigeon was briefly out of the water and showed off a metal ring on its left leg. I am not aware of it having been ringed here recently so it would be interesting if someone is able to get enough info off the ring to find out its origins.
female Wigeo (brunnakke)

here you can see that it is markedly smaller than a Mallard although it didn't stop the Wigeo harrassing the Mallards which is quite different to the male Pintail who was noticeably timid


  1. It have moved about 3 meters since ringing on your photos. Ringed around christmas

  2. Thanks Sindre. It's a shame that people seem to have stopped recording their ringing activity in Arts Obs as it would help give quick answers to non ringers like me.