Friday, 11 January 2013

Something for the weekend

With the weekend coming up it was time to visit my dealer to secure some of the hard stuff. I found two dealers today but it appears something has spooked them and they were keeping a very low profile. No hanging around street lamps in a brazen manner today. Both the dealers I found were sitting on top of spruce trees a couple of hundred metres from the road in terrain that did not allow a closer approach. It was almost as though they did not want to be found and the Hawkie they had on offer was of low grade and could only be provided in small doses.
Hawk Owl (haukugle) in atypical habitat Kroer,Ås

another Hawk Owl in atypical habitat Nordre Furu, Frogn

I also had a single Great Grey Shrike (varsler) and a Little Grebe (dvergdykker) at Drøbak. The grebe did an amazing disappearing act on me. After seeing it in open water it swam to a floating jetty which it pressed itself up against. It then dived and I could not for the life of me relocate it. I wonder if it actually surfaced under the jetty?

Little Grebe (dvergdykker) just before it did a disappearing act

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