Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Am I dreaming?

I abused myself severely today by plying my body with inhuman amounts of Hawkie. No birder can handle this sort of overdose; I was a goner, I’d flatlined but then a noise, a calling if you like, acted like a shot of adrenalin straight into my heart. I could have been dreaming, maybe this is what heaven is like, but no my DREAM HAD COME TRUE: Hawkie and Piney at the same place, at the same time and I captured it on film!
FIVE DIFFERENT HAWK OWLS and a single PINE GROSBEAK all within spitting distance of Oslo. I’m not sure if this is avian drugs or avian porn or most likely a mixture of the two – Rock n Roll baby!!!
I’ll let the pictures do the talking today – I need to lie down now.

This video contains scenes of a graphic nature and those of a weak disposition are recommended to refrain from watching. It carries a 15 Certificate and children must watch in the company of an adult. Parents are recommended to talk to their children both before and after watching the video to ensure that no psychological damage is inflicted.

Hawk Owl 1: Kroer, Ås, Akershus. Great light and the bird sat low down in a birch. Refused to look at me.
Hawk Owl (haukugle). Have to be happy with that picture
on the bright side I managed a flight shot in focus, on the down side I chopped off half the bird

Hawk Owl 2: Våler Næringspark, Våler, Østfold. Sat on top of a tall spruce

Hawk Owl 3: Vannemkrysset, Moss, Østfold. Sat on a low spruce, looked at me but bit too distant
in focus and the whole bird in shot, just need a faster shutter speed next time

Hawk Owl 4: Nordre Furu, Frogn, Akershus. Sat atop a distant tall spruce

Hawk Owl 5: Frogn School, Frogn, Akershus. The scene of my death and resurrection
the habitat - here the bird is sitting on a tree within the school grounds

you need to be careful when scratching with those claws

the one that put me over the edge
and my saviour which started calling whilst I was getting high on Hawkie.
The Pine Grosbeak was the most vocal one I have encountered probably because it was on its own and searching for its kin. I'm not sure if the call you hear on the video is a sub song or whether it is an advertising call.


  1. Brilliant film! It seems like you're loosing your ability to speek during the sequence. A bit disturbing, actually...

  2. Øivind, at the time I recorded the film I think I was in another dimension where speach wasn't necessary!