Thursday, 31 January 2013

Getting the bug

I am still suffering from some sort of bug so have taken it easy the last couple of days. I t hasn’t stopped me searching for Hawk Owls though although I have done so in a very sedate manner. The owl at Kroer has been present both times I have passed by. I waited with it for an hour today hoping to catch it hunting but the one time it did attempt to catch something it flew 100metres from where it was perched before plunging down into the snow – too far away from me and also a seemingly unsuccessful hunt.
very alert - presumably having heard a rustle or squeak

care needed - these talons may be sharp

I also spent time with the Frogn school bird but this made no hunting attempts. Instead it was mobbed by both Yellowhammer and Waxwing which I caught on film (although at distance).
this yellowhammer didn't really concern the school yard owl

neither did this Waxwing (just think it could have been a grosbeak....)

I could not find the bird at Nordre Furu although a distant singing Black Woodpecker had me initially thinking I was listening to a singing Hawk Owl. This is the second time I have nearly made this mistake and I don’t think I’m the only one to have fallen into this trap.
A couple of Great Grey Shrikes also gave themselves up and perhaps rarest of all (this winter at least) a Common Buzzard. This particular bird has been misreported as a female Hen Harrier but no doubting its true identity.
Common Buzzard


  1. Having seen you suffering for such long time trying for a decent Hawkie picture, may you try to outsmart your dealer: have at look at the bottom of :

  2. The old reindeer skin and a piece of string trick! I've long been threatening to cut a piece out of our reindeer skin mat to do just this so maybe I should just get the scissors out :-)