Saturday, 24 September 2016

Værøy - after I left....

Before I post any of my own none to impressive pictures I can update on the birds I didn’t see on Værøy because I clearly left too early…...

I have already mentioned the Olive Backed Pipit that Kjell found whilst I was waiting for my helicopter off the island, well here is the back of camera picture.
Olive-backed Pipit (sibirpiplerke). Photo: Klell Mjølsnes

This morning things got much worse though when I first got a message from Kjell that he had found a Lanceolated Warbler and then I later got a picture of it in the hand after it had the misfortune to be flushed into a net erected just for its pleasure. After Kjell had found the PGTips (Starrsanger in Norwegian) he had started to talk about finding Stars & Stripes with the Stripes being Stripesanger (Lanceolated in Norwegian). Well his dream was fulfilled and well deserved too.

Lanceolated Warbler (stripesanger). Photo: Kjell Mjølsnes

And then I’ve just got a message saying a White’s Thrush (gultrost) has been seen although so far only by one observer. This is a notoriously difficult species to get past the bitter soles in the Rarities Committee though and I would know ;-).
Værøy has now, and finally, more than lived up to expectations!


it seems the White's Thrush was seen by all birders who were (still) the island. This pictures was sent to me by Egil Ween but was I believe taken by Håvard Eggen. My only consolation was that it would appear to have been another frustrating, skulky bird (I'm stuggling here.)

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