Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Værøy 2016 day 4 - day ends with a PG Tips

Well the day ended very well whch was good as spirits had started to sink in the afternoon after Tor "I've just found my 5th first for Norway Olsen" sent us pictures of an American Flycatcher sp he had just found in Southern Norway (may end up being one of those that requires DNA for a specific ID).
We were still having lots of Yb Warblers with another day of over 50 (edit: 64) on the island (28 ringed) but where was everything else? I had a total of 4 Pied Flys which was a good sign but no more than that. I covered different areas of the island and had one Yb that made my day. Ever since we first visited Værøy and stayed at my wife's aunts house I have been hoping to see a Yb in her garden and I did for the first time today!! Whilst watching this I heard a Red-throated Pipit and saw it land in some grassland nearby. I approached and a few Meadow Pipits flew up but I heard it again and then there it was on a rock. AND it was an adult with a red throat! AND for once it was showing really well. I fired off loads of pics and even ensured the others could arrive and see it.
Buoyed by this I went searching more grassland and had a Jack Snipe.
Energy levels started waning though and we decided to head back to the house, seeing the Rook on the way. Kjell and I then went separately searching fields and gardens in Nordland. After a while I found a warbler that I was just getting to grips with (turned out to be a Wood) when I saw Kjell nearby. He was pishing and staring through his bins but I didn't think he had anything special. When he realised I was there he incredously shouted STARSANGER (or PG Tips to the english). Apparantly it had been sitting out in the open showing really well but Kjell didn't have his camera.... After this followed a very frustrating period whilst we waited for the others to arrive during which I also got to see the bird briefly when before it again ducked down into cover. After the others arrived we tried to see it in an organised manner but ended up just getting glimpses, although at very close range, and photos were not bagged unfortunately.

Things are warming up!

By the way a PG Tips is a Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler.

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