Thursday, 8 September 2016


Here are some more pictures of the Knot I saw on Tuesday on Nakholmen. All for birds are as I can see 1cy birds but there was quite a bit of variation in their plumages. One bird had some red tones on the underside whilst another bird had very clean white underparts and much yellower legs. The bird with the red tones is probably in a more juvenile plumage than the others whilst the one that has the cleaner underparts has come further in its post juvenile moult and is in winter plumage

Knot (polarsnipe). The bird with the cleaner, white underparts and yellow legs is 2nd left and the bird with a red tinge is far right

the birds did not choose the mudflats on Gressholmen to look for food but rather amongst seaweed on a wave washed rock

many of the birds seem to not be bothered by boats although I was scared this guy was going to scare them off

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