Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Værøy 2016 Day 3

Things aren't quite as they should be. There were at least 40 (edit: at least 51) Y-b Warblers on the eisland today but frustratingly little else despite it being so still in the air that you could pick up warblers by the snapping of their bills.
I saw 17 of the Y-b Warblers and there were also 11 new birds ringed and only three retraps from yesterday. As seems to be the norm the pre breakfast Nordland session gave grounds for real optimism with many Y-b Warblers (only 2 here yesterday) but the south again disappointed.
I picked up Barred Warbler today and the Turtle Dove again showed well but once again I'm left looking forward to tomorrow (the wind has finally turned to the east).
In the evening the Blyth's Reed was also refound and was even more skulky than yesterday.

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