Friday, 23 September 2016

Værøy 2016 Day 6 - final day

I had no final update yesterday for two reasons:
1. I was exhausted after walking for hours and hours
2. I had nothing to report
After the excitement of the Pechora the day just ebbed out into the quietest day I can remember on Værøy.
There were extremely few birds in the air especially in the afternoon but a couple of the others had a flyover presumed OBP.
I did see Hawk Owl, Jack Snipe and double figures of Y-b Warbler.

This morning has started very quietly with very few birds and just frustration. A skulky warbler that got the pulse up but disappeared, an unseen but calling Little/Rustic Bunting. I have yet to have Yb Warbler....and have only until 1530 when I leave for the helicopter.

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