Saturday, 25 April 2015

Right weather but where were all the birds?

There was no doubt about it: today was going to be a BIG day. I picked up Per Christian at 6am and we headed in to Maridalen with the weather forecast for once being mirrored by reality: low clouds heading in a northerly direction due to the southerly wind and dampness from overnight showers. Everything was therefore going to plan except for……………the birds hadn’t been informed of MY ideas.

10 Common Scoter (svartand) and 2 Wigeon on the lake were obviously new but my hopes of migrating waders and more waterfowl were not to be fulfilled. There were a few passerines moving but nothing exciting and no new summer migrants could be seen or heard. On the green fields there was a noticeable increase in the numbers of Fieldfares (gråtrost) and at Kirkeby we had separate sightings of 4,1 and 6 Ring Ouzels (ringtrost) that could well have been different groups and the group of 6 definitely appeared to have just dropped out of the sky (reports from other places suggest a very large arrival today).

It will rain through the afternoon so maybe something will turn up later or tomorrow…..I live in hope.
We had Parrot Crossbills again with four birds in the same trees as yesterday. This makes me believe that the two males I photographed yesterday were indeed different individuals.

6 male and 4 female Common Scoters (svartand)
Osprey (fiskeørn) - 1 of 2 that appeared at the same time both from the north
three different Ring Ouzels
female Parrot Crossbill (furukorsnebb) - one of a group of four in the same group of 3 small pine trees as yesterdays birds

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