Sunday, 1 June 2014

Singing Ortolan video

This weekend we are borrowing a cabin at Hulvik south in Akershus. Normally when we are here I visit Kurefjorden and have a nighttime trip for scarce warblers and crakes. This time I feel all birded out after Hedmark and need also to recharge my batteries for a new round of TOVE next week. If  i had gone birding it may have been me who discovered the Kentish Plover just reported from Kurefjorden or heard Corncrake, Quail and Nightjar - all of which were reported last night just a few km away. Instead I have been content with a glass of Chablis in my hand watching or listening to Redstart, Rosefinch, Wood Warbler, Woodcock and badger from the patio of the cabin. Occasional sweeps over the fjord have failed to reveal any interesting seabirds - 2 Long-tailed Skuas were seen on the other side of the fjord yesterday..

In the absence of any photos from this weekend here is a video of one of the singing Ortolans from last week. It is hand held but you get to see and here one of less than 10 territorial Ortolan Buntings left in Norway this summer.

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