Saturday, 21 June 2014

Guiding the sequel

I guiding again today (I'm almost too busy right now!), this time with the enjoyable company of Wayne from Santa Barbara, California. We were only out for the morning which meant I chose to visit Fornebu and Maridalen.

Fornebu gave us the most of the same good birds that I saw with Jan yesterday but also a real treat. After hearing calling Water Rails (vannrikse) which sounded like both young and adults we went to a place that gives a view over a narrow channel of water and after a patient wait we saw both adults and 5 small, black downy youngsters with at least another calling. I fired off a lot of pictures and some video but haven't had a chance to see what they are like yet. This is only the second time I seen Water Rail youngsters and the first time in Norway.

In Maridalen we had four Common Rosefinches (rosefink): two unseen singing males and a pair, the male of which was a brown 2cy. I took pictures of both birds of this pair and it will be interesting to see if I can notice any differences between the sexes.

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