Monday, 12 November 2012

Waxwings but no Grosbeaks

After discovering two flocks of Pine Grosbeaks (kognlebit) whilst driving around Maridalen I decided to walk around Maridalen today as that would certainly turn up many flocks – right? It was a crisp day with a frost overnight, blue skies and virtually no wind which was a pleasant change from very dingy weather over the weekend.
Well I walked and I walked – 19km in total according to the GPS but where were they? Finches were obvious today with five species which isn’t too bad a haul in November: Greenfinch (grønnfink), Bullfinch (dompap), Redpoll (gråsisik), Siskin (grønnsisik) and Goldfinches (stillit), but unfortunately no Grosbeaks. There has been a marked reduction in the number of records from the whole of Norway over the last few days so maybe the birds have moved on (into Sweden?). I really thought I would find some today but as is often the case with birding the birds don’t always know my plans.
Some Waxwings (sidensvans) feeding on apples were the days undoubted highlight and gave me the chance to try again to get them in focus with the 500mm.
Waxwing (sidensvans) - the black gape is noticeably wet with apple juice

On Maridalsvannet the Whooper Swan (sangsvane) family is still holding in there alongside two each of Goosander (laksand), Goldeneye (kvinand) and Cormorant (storskarv).

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