Friday, 30 November 2012


My body started complaining again this morning so some exercise was needed. A walk in the forest sounded like a good idea. Blue skies and temperatures down to -5C meant it was a crisp walk and I had high hopes of some catching up with Grosbeaks. Well, I’ll keep hoping. There was actually very little to see or hear and in the course of 4km I had to be content with a single Dipper (fossekall), 2 Goldcrest (fuglekonge), Great Spotted Woodpecker (flagspett) and best of all a flock of 20 odd Redpolls (gråsisik) and 4 Siskins (grønnsisik). As with a previous Redpoll flock this autumn these were very pale birds with what I consider an unusual call – a sign of birds from far flung parts?

On Maridalsvannet three adult and two juvenile Whooper Swans (sangsvane). The juveniles kept separate from the adults and looked as though they had been left to their own devices by their parents.

With few birds to photograph I tried some “arty” shots
Water in Motion

More Water in Motion

Øyungen lake north of Maridalen. I won't be swimming here for a while....

Dipper (fossekall) has no problem finding food despite the freezing conditions

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