Friday, 23 November 2012

Keep on taking the medicine

I didn’t really have time for birding today but I needed to keep taking the anti gull medicine so thought I would squeeze in a quick trip around Maridalen between other obligations. It didn’t end up being quick...

There have been two species I have been really keen to see in Maridalen, my local patch, this autumn. One of them, Pine Grosbeak (konglebit) has given itself up on two occasions although I must admit to not being entirely happy with the brief nature of our encounters. The other species has eluded me until today. Driving towards Skar (the end of Maridalen) I for once had my eyes on the road but a movement above caught my attention. YES, a Hawk Owl (haukugle) sitting on a wire right over the car. It flew down and perched in a tree before soon returning to the wires where it sat for the next 45 minutes until I had to leave. What a bird!! It was completely unaffected by my presence, passing cars, and cyclists. In terms of a photo opportunity I could not really have asked to be closer to the bird. However I will still complain because the light was too bad for my lens (ISO was often 6400) and also the bird hardly ever looked at me! Even though I was less than 10 metres away it just ignored me. No matter what type of squeaking noise I made (trying to sound like a mouse!) it would only look at me fleetingly.

It was an amazing experience though to be so close to this bird IN MARIDALEN and the best photos weren't that bad after all.

finally an acceptable flight photo

using the 500mm zoom

I had to zoom out to get the whole bird in

Asbjørn Thune enjoys the bird from his car!

having a preen

in a more natural habitat than a telegraph wire

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