Friday, 16 November 2012

Spreading the word

I haven’t been out ”in the field” for the last couple of days so have little to report on the birding front. Today though I had the company of a journalist and photographer from the NTB news agency who were writing an article about feeding birds. It was fun talking to them and we spent some time trying to take some interesting pictures involving me, birds and bird food – I’m looking forward to seeing the finished article! I also took them up into Maridalen to see the bird feeding stations there and we got to speak to one of the pensioners who are responsible for the biggest feeding station which always has a lot of birds plus the odd red squirrel and roe deer in residence.
Unfortunately there were no particularly interesting birds to show them although in the garden there were good numbers of House (gråspurv) and Tree Sparrows (pilfink), Blue (blåmeis) and Great Tits (kjøttmeis), a couple of Greenfinches (grønnfink) and a Wren (gjerdesmett). Up in Maridalen there was also a Great Spotted Woodpecker (flaggspett), Willow (granmeis) and Coal Tits (svartmeis), three Red Squirrels (ekorn) and on the lake the Whooper Swan (sangsvane) family was still in residence.
A professional at work - some people are lucky enougth to get paid to photograph birds in my garden!

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