Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter birds slowly turning up

The snow turned to rain this morning and it was a pretty grim day. I thought that a trip to Kurefjorden might result in a good number of birds that had escaped ice bound inland waters. Well, there were considerably more Mallard (stokkand) than there have been but otherwise there were fewer birds than last week with no geese and fewer sea ducks. There were still two Rough-legged Buzzards (fjellvåk) on the islands and offshore at the mouth of the fjord highlights were a distant Great Northern Diver (islom) and a Little Auk (alkekonge).
My Great Grey Shrike (varsler) radar seems to be working again with two birds located today but the Hawk Owl radar is definitely not picking anything up.
I toured an area of Oslo where five Pine Grosbeaks (konglebit) were seen yesterday but only managed to turn up many Fieldfares (gråtrost) feeding on apples although there was a nice line of berry trees which whilst birdless this time will be worth checking later. Maridalen was also pretty birdless today.

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