Sunday, 28 October 2012

The early bird gets the Pine Grosbeak

Unfortunately I wasn't that early bird. Instead it was Kjetil Johanessen who was up at the crack of dawn hoping for Pygmy Owls (spurveugle) in Sørkedalen but instead had two Pine Grosbeaks (konglebit). They were still present and very noisy when he left but by the time I hauled myself out of bed and got there they had moved on. There were a number of other records of overflying birds further north in Akershus today so it looks like some numbers will soon turn up. This is one of my favourite birds and one I have only been lucky enough to see in Finnmark so I really hope to catch up with some around Oslo.
Also today a number of Little Auks have turned up in the inner Oslofjord so they are also on the move. It is probably related to the cold weather that is now upon us with temperatures down to -8C last night and snow forecast tonight.
I did have a reward for my troubles today when I dropped in at Maridalsvannet and had a Scaup (bergand) which is a patch tick for me.

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