Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Don’t tell the missus

This morning I went to look for a very photogenic Hawk Owl (haukugle) that has been frequenting lamp posts along a busy road in Østfold. I could have chosen to look for a Hoopoe (hærfugl) that has been present in Akershus, and therefore closer to home, for the last couple of days but owls are more my thing even though Hoopoe, which is the wife’s favourite bird , is also a pretty damn fine bird.
Just before I got to the owl site a message came through confirming the Hoopoe was still present. I only gave the owl 10 minutes and then with a meeting to go to at lunchtime decided to head for the Hoopoe instead (turns out that the owl was still present today so will warrant another attempt.).
The Hoopoe was frequenting a tarmac pathway through a field and seemed very loyal to this path, returning there every time it was disturbed. There is clearly food there as I saw it find bugs on at least two occasions as you will see in the pictures. Also here my first Waxwings (sidensvans) of the year. The Hoopoe was a great bird, only my second in Norway and ample compensation for not seeing a Hawk Owl. Hopefully Mrs. Oslo Birder will not be too jealous.
Hoopoe (hærfugl)

It raised its crest after landing

In the afternoon a quick visit to Fornebu didn’t turn up a Richard’s Pipit (tartapiplerke) which in recent years have proved regular here at this time but I did find a confiding Snow Bunting (snøspurv) and another flock of Waxwings suggests they are starting to arrive en masse.

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