Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Trying to keep the family happy

Mrs.Oslobirder's favourite bird is Hoopoe (hærfugl) and a trip to the Mediterranean is never complete without seeing one. It's taken a while on this trip but eventually we saw one flying over the villa garden today so I can relax a bit now.
Number 1 offspring really wanted to see Kingfisher (isfugl) so I took her off early to Albufera. We heard many as they flew along ditches behind reeds and I glimpsed one in flight but the she was not so lucky and was apparantly slightly angry with her dad!

Otherwise two trips to Albufera have produced the same birds as before plus only my second ever sighting of Moustached Warbler, both Little and Temmincks Stints and Spotted Redshanks.

From the villa we have have had Crag Martins, 4 hunting Kestrels and Grey Wagtails.

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